My Journey: 30 Workouts in to My 60 Workout Challenge

I’ve officially hit the halfway mark in my 60 Workout BODi challenge! I cannot believe it! It feels like these past 30 days have FLOWN by!

I decided to tackle the “lean” track of this challenge (the other options were build strength or tighten). I chose this track because I knew the workouts in it would likely put less pressure on my wrist than the other tracks (yes, my tendonitis is STILL acting up ☹️).

I’ve honestly been so surprised at how much I love these classes! I’m typically someone who HATES cardio and about half my week is cardio right now. But, our trainers make it FUN so I look forward to showing up (most days).

There are so many class options, I’m able to switch things up and keep them interesting while also picking a workout length that works for my ever changing day (#momlife).

Some days, I might be able to get on a 30+ minute workout. Most days 20-25 minutes is manageable. And, on really rough days, I can squeeze in a 15 minute sweat sess. There’s literally 👏🏼 NO EXCUSES 👏🏼.

Throughout this challenge, my biggest struggle has been nutrition.

My nutrition hasn’t been “bad” (I hate using that term to describe food), but it hasn’t been as tight as it was pre-pregnancy.

I fell into the habit of treating myself whenever the mood struck while I was pregnant, and I’m having a hard time breaking that habit now (even 8 months later).

As a result, I haven’t been seeing a huge change in the scale and feel bloated some days, but I can tell I’m leaning out and toning up (which I’m HERE for).

I‘m starting to see more muscle definition and my abs having even been poking through some days (when my nutrition is more on lock lol).

My goals for the last half of this challenge are:

1) To really hone in on my nutrition, following 2B Mindset “plate it!”, and enjoying 1-2 treats a weekend.

2) To continue to work on my mindset through personal development

3) To work that self confidence muscle and do the things that scare me! (Like bathing suit shopping while 8 months postpartum)

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