My Journey: Feb 2022 Recap

February has come and gone and honestly, I’m SO DANG HAPPY it’s gone. February was hands down one of the hardest months I’ve had mentally in a very long time.

We started off the month sick AGAINNN, for what feels like the hundredth time since Christmas. I was getting major 2020 lockdown vibes and I was going stir crazy, BAD.

Then, once we all finally started to feel better, Garrett’s 6 month sleep regression hit us like a freight train.

Despite the fact that my mindset was trash for most of the month, some really amazing things happened!

We got to celebrate Garrett’s first Valentine’s Day, Garrett had his first sleepover while Greg and I had date night, we got to watch our city in the Super Bowl, and I started meeting with a life coach.

It might seem weird to mention my life coach in the midst of everything else, but she has been so amazing in helping me work through limiting beliefs and holding me accountable to my goals. And, I never would’ve reached out if I wasn’t in the mental funk I was in last month. Sometimes you have to hit a low point so you can spring forward.

I didn’t make as much progress towards towards my physical goals this month as I would’ve liked to, but I’m still so proud of where I am!

I actually ended up gaining back 3.5lbs from last month, but I’m feeling leaner, stronger, and like my endurance has improved so much. And, most importantly, feeling GREAT! That’s the kind of progress that I like to see!

This month I’m focusing on: Reading 10 pages of personal development per day, making sleep more of a priority, continuing my 60 day BODi challenge, keeping my nutrition MOSTLY on point (with a few treats sprinkled in 😉), and getting outside more.

What goals are you focusing on this month? Drop them in the comments and let’s chat about them!

I have a GOOD feeling about March, let’s go and make it great ❤️.

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