My Journey: Week 4 of 75Hard

Days 22 – 28

One month down – how is that possible?! I swear this challenge is FLYING by!

This week has been full of ups and downs. On one hand, I’m feeling SO GOOD physically and am having so much mental clarity. I’m down 7lbs and 7 inches and feeling stronger + more confident on a daily basis!

However, we had a few personal things pop up this week that have been causing me A LOT of stress + anxiety.

I’m not someone who typically struggles with anxiety a lot, I have my anxious moments like everyone else. But, it’s not something I have a lot of experience with.

Multiple times throughout the week I had moments where my heart was racing and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. Sometimes I knew what was triggering it and others I had no idea, which was kind of scary.

Between the stress of the week and dealing with some anxiety, it was causing me to want to emotionally eat. I was craving all the things – chocolate, pizza, pasta, etc. However, since I’ve been keeping a food journal for so long, I was able to recognize it, sip on some Spindrift grapefruit seltzer water, and avoid snacking on something I wouldn’t truly enjoy.

Aside from the random bouts of anxiety I’ve been experiencing, Garrett also has a cold. Nothing major, just some serious congestion that is making it difficult for him, and in turn Greg and myself, to sleep.

I typically wake up at 4am to get my first workout in, and that’s when Garrett has also been waking up lately. So, I have to give Greg a shout out – he’s been SO HELPFUL in getting up with him so that I can get my workout in and soak up the little bit of me time I get in a day ❤️.

This is just a reminder of why it’s so dang important to share your goals with others! If they don’t know what your goals are, they cannot help you boo!

Last week I mentioned that I’m trying out a new way to meal prep – I’m LOVING IT! By taking time Sunday to cut up veggies, I’m spending less time cooking on the weekend and streamlining cooking during the week.

This allows me to spend more time with Greg and Garrett + less time in the kitchen and I’m HERE FOR THAT!

Bonus, it also makes clean up easier because it’s more spread out 😍🥳.

The final challenge I’ve been experiencing this week is that Garrett is starting to get antsy in his stroller and it’s making 45 minute walks a bit difficult. But, we are making do (for now!). To help keep him happy, I’ve been making sure to bring a pacifier, snacks, and sometimes a toy to keep him occupied.

This week might’ve thrown some curve balls, and I might’ve come CLOSE to missing a task 1 day, but I’m still going strong and am SO DANG PROUD of how far I’ve come.

Here’s to starting phase 2 of my workout program in week 5 🎉👏🏼.

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