My Journey: Week 6 of 75Hard

Days 36 – 42

I’ve put off writing this recap all week…

Simply because I was in such a rough headspace. I was SO BLOATED the majority of the week and was feeling so frustrated by it.

I kept seeing the scale going up and up. All while my measurements also went up, my clothes felt a little snug, and I just felt uncomfortable in my skin.

I was SO FRUSTRATED because I felt like I was doing all the things I should be doing to hit my goals.

I had a suspicion it was my hormones being out of wack, but I really started to doubt myself. I felt like I was doing something “wrong”. Even though, up to this point, I had been feeling SO DANG GOOD.

I was really letting it all get in my head and started thinking I needed to change everything I was doing. Isn’t it weird how we let a few off days take over our thinking??

I thought about changing my nutrition plan, if I needed to switch up my outside workout, drink more water, drink less water, all of the things were going through my mind. I even shared some of my food journal tracker pages on an accountability Facebook group in and asked for advice.

Now, I’m not saying asking for advice is bad, it’s actually a good thing to do! Especially when your feel like you are struggling. But, with where I was mentally, it just confused me even more.

My biggest tip for getting advice from others: take it all with a grain of salt, and know you don’t have to take EVERYONE’S suggestions to heart. You can pick and choose your top 1-2 suggestions to try implementing. And, if you don’t like them? Don’t feel like you have to keep doing them! Do what works for you boo ❤️.

After implementing a few tips, towards the end of the week, I started to feel a little bit better. But, not 100%. Here’s to working towards week 7 being a smoother week with a more positive mindset!

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