My Journey: Week 9 of 75Hard

Days 57 – 63

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little lost for words for this past week’s recap

A small part of me is proud of how far I’ve come + that I’m still moving forward

But, mostly I’m just freaking TIRED

Just flat out mentally + emotionally tired from things going on at work, at home, shifts I want to make in my business, a teething baby (again 😅), and all the other things

I feel like I’m juggling 50 balls at once and 49 of them are falling in a million different places 😅

I’ve been really beating myself up lately for not doing enough or being Enough outside of 75hard while I finish out this challenge.

I have been struggling to find the fun + positivity that I felt in the first half Of this journey

But, I know I want to end on day 75 feeling GOOD

I want to have positive thoughts, feelings, and memories from this challenge. Not just the feeling of how hard it was or how tired I am

So, over the next 10 days, I’m making it a goal to focus on those positive moment + focus on how freaking PROUD I’m going to feel when I check off day 75

If you’re in a similar boat, just know you are doing enough + I’m so proud of you ❤️

Want to hear more about how 75hard is going and some of the perspective shifts I’ve had along the way? Make sure to check out my Hustlin’ Momma podcast (Episode 9)

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