Self Care Tip 102: Having a Routine

If you ever feel overwhelmed, out of control, or just plan anxious/depressed, having a routine is going to be your secret weapon. I know it’s been mine!

There is something about know exactly what you need to do and when that is so soothing for my Type A self. It eases my mind to be able to step and repeat certain parts of my day & to fill in the other stuff where it will fit. It helps me feel in control when there feels life is crazy and it helps give me something positive to focus on when life seems anything but.

Tips for Scheduling Creating Your Routine

Make 2 Lists

I swear makings lists isn’t my answer to everything (or is it?), but this is really so important. If you don’t know what you are wanting to implement, how are you going to implement it??

I highly recommend starting by making two lists. List #1 is going to be things you HAVE TO do do survive. Like eat, go to work, take a shower, sleep, etc. List #2 is going to be the things you are making a non-negotiable in your life. For example, some of my non-negotiables are working out, reading a chapter of personal development, saying affirmations, journaling for 5 minutes, and doing the dishes before bed (most days – I’m still working on this one).

Create Your Daily Schedule

Once you know what you need to do in your day, you can start laying out your schedule. One important thing to note, leave room for things to pop up, life rarely goes according to plan and if you try to pack your day minute by minute it will only result in you being frustrated and feeling down on yourself.

Need help laying our your daily schedule? Here’s my schedule as an example! Just know this is what work for ME, if this doesn’t work for you or sounds like your own personal hell – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! Do what makes you happy and motivates you to stick to your routine.

My Daily Schedule:
5:30 AM – Wake Up, brush teeth, weigh myself, and get dressed
6:00 AM – Do daily gratitude, pull affirmations, journal, and read personal development
6:30 AM – Workout
7:00 AM – Shower and get ready for work
8:00 AM – Leave for work
8:30 AM – Work
12:00 PM – Lunch and side hustle work session
1:00 PM – Work
5:30 PM – Drive Home
6:30 PM – Eat dinner and work side hustle
9:00 PM – Do dishes and clean kitchen
9:30 PM – Get ready for bed and read a just-for-fun book

Start Doing the Things!

Now that you know what you want to do and when, it’s time to START! Just start. Don’t let your fears of failure keep you back from trying something new. It could just be the greatest thing you do for yourself <3.

If you start to feel the fear of failure sinking in, or you’re getting frustrated because you missed a day – Just remember, it takes 21 days of CONSISTENT effort to make a habit. So, stop being annoyed with yourself for not being perfect. It takes time. Keep pushing and you will get there!

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